Monday, April 2, 2012


Dear Friends,

It’s hard to believe that it’s already a week since the Kuranda Crystal Activation Ceremonies! What a memorable Equinox celebration we had! Almost 70 people attended on Saturday night and it must have been close to the same number the following day, with several people bringing their children with them for the Earth Ceremony…but more on that later!

Our ‘Temple’ for the Saturday evening Activation Ceremony was very special – a warm and embracing space filled with soft golden light, from the glow of the beautiful chandeliers.

Our hostess Liliana, is an artist, so we were surrounded on all sides by her original artworks, strategically placed to give the participants an added feeling of being surrounded by beauty.

The altars as always looked stunning, with my Crystal Skulls and crystals surrounded by a profusion of floral gifts and crystals from all the participants, Interestingly, many more of my skull family and crystals insisted on coming than usual, so it was just as well I was able to drive to the location instead of having to fly!

Several people later told me that as soon as they entered the room, they could already feel waves of energy pulsing through them. This was not really a surprise to me, given the potency of the Equinox alignment we were there to access, but it was a wonderful confirmation from Spirit that we were indeed ‘tuned in’.

When I decide on a date for one of these gatherings, I am always guided to begin the work immediately, as if the event is already taking place. I had therefore, been working on building the energies for this event for over a month – channelling each day to call in the powerful Beings who wished to be there to assist us on the night, and calling also to the souls of all those pre-destined to be present.

Kuranda is a place where the ‘Rainbow Serpent’ energy is tangible.

The road up from Cairns twists and turns, literally ‘snaking’ up the mountain, in much the same way as the Barrow River cuts through the landscape in snake-like formation.

It was a huge honour indeed then, to have the presence of one of the area’s traditional elders at both gatherings. Auntie Esther, who is now 82, is considered to be perhaps the most senior elder of the Tjapukai Tribe. What an incredible privilege it was, to have her sweet and gentle presence there with us.

The Earth Ceremony
One big difference with this Equinox gathering to previous events, was the decision to have an additional ‘spontaneous’ ceremony the following morning. This evolved from an unexpected and powerful encounter I had in Kuranda while on a visit there to sort out logistical arrangements regarding the venue etc.

The encounter was directly connected to the Crystal Skulls. Nirelle Boyd who  has lived in Kuranda on and off for the last 15 years, met me in the village and took me to the markets to introduce me to some people she thought might be interested in attending the Equinox event. One of these people was a man called Sjoerd, Within about minute of exchanging greetings, a huge wave of energy descended on us and before I knew it, I was in full and compelling  channelling mode, right there in the middle of Sjoerd’s organic fruit and vegatable stall!

When the first phase of this ‘download’ of energy concluded, Sjoerd told Nirelle and myself about a young lady of Aborginial background, who had contacted him recently. This woman had shared with him that she’d been ‘told’ by her Ancestors that the purpose for her being on this earth, was to bring forth a Crystal Skull, here in the land of Australia. She said she believed this skull to still be in the Etheric Realms, but that it is getting ready to become manifest. Her belief is that it will manifest in the Heart Centre of Australia - Uluru.

When Sjoerd spoke these words about the skull, a wave of emotion surged through me. My body seemed to recognise what had been said as ‘truth’. My channel opened spontaneously once more - a further powerful activation coming through which I felt was particularly important for Sjoerd in relation to his role in the unfoldment of this skull’s manifestation.

It was an incredible 40mins for Sjoerd, Nirelle and myself. It felt as if something really quite extraordinary had taken place. At that point in time, it was about 10 days out from the Equinox event, and I’d only had one confirmed booking, but I walked away from there knowing that regardless of how many people did or didn’t turn up, there was absolutely no question in my mind that the Kuranda event should and would take place.

Two days later, I met with a friend to do some energy work – a meeting at my home that we’d planned some time previously. As our ceremony progressed, every single one of my 40-odd skulls were taken down to become part of the skull altar. As the energies built and powered through me, it became very clear that the main focus of the session was to assist with the manifestation of the Australian skull.


Hence, one of the main intentions for doing this additional Earth Ceremony was for our group to connect with Uluru and to send our Love and support out through the Crystalline grid, in order to assist this important Australian skull to come into physical manifestation and crystallised form.

In the way of the ‘Great Spirit’, the unfoldment of the ceremony ended up being quite different than envisaged! On a further visit to Kuranda, I’d met with another Aboriginal elder who joyously agreed to give us permission to do the ceremony on sacred land. He also offered to be part of the ceremony itself, as well as to attend the Saturday night event. ‘Black fella’s’ time is not ‘White fella’s’ time however, and by the end of Saturday night it became clear that alternative arrangements would have to be made for the next morning. It was agreed that we would leave the altars in place and that we would all return to Liliana’s house next day to do ceremony on the expanse of earth surrounding her home. I assured everyone that although we might have no specific plans about what would occur next day, they could rest assured that something would happen! I’ve been finding more and more, that the real magic often happens when things are unplanned.

Which is exactly what occurred!! Early morning, I got a phonecall to say that Liliana had gotten up feeling quite unwell and it would no longer be appropriate for us to the ceremony at her home. Nirelle who was staying with her, suggested that she knew of a place at the Barron Falls where we could go instead. It was agreed that we would let everyone meet at Liliana’s at planned and then proceed to the spectacular waterfall site.

So much for planning!! Even before most people had arrived or I’d a chance to announce the change of plan, it started! I arrived at the house myself, to find Liliana lying on a mattress on the floor, receiving some healing. I immediately dropped my bags and knelt down beside her. That was it! Spirit commandingly took over! Having found the perfect opening for the ceremony, it began right there and then!

What ensued was nothing short of extraordinary. Channelling of Ancient Ancestral energies, drums, digderidoo, rattles, dance and song…healing tears and laughter….

When I called to the Crystal skulls and the keepers of the Crystalline Grid to connect with the ‘new’ Australian skull, a single cool breeze flowed through from one side of the room to the other, sending a delicious shiver of confirmation through each and every one of us. We called and sang to the skull directly then, chanting softly and soulfully….”We love your into manifestation, We love you into manifestation, We love you into manifestation”.

When the intense energy waned to a gentle conclusion, the floor opened to free-flowing discussion. Many in the group shared their thoughts, speaking of things close to their hearts. Finally, in gratitude for the magnificent gifts of Spirit we had received, we joined once more in song, dance and drumming….feeling together, ‘as one’, and totally blessed.

I feel something really important took place in Kuranda last weekend. I believe we created an opening…a portal…an entry point for new Stargate energies to suffuse that land and then travel outwards to the much wider world. A new relationship between the earth and the stars is taking place during these times of transformation and transition. In this instance, I believe were acting as the bridge – the lightening rods…the conduits

One participant spoke of Kuranda becoming one of the future ‘Cities of Light’. Maybe indeed this is so…and perhaps last weekend, we were part of that unfoldment.

It never ceases to amaze me what can occur at these events. On this occasion, as with many times before, people can particularly see dramatic changes in the appearance of their crystals.

“Thank you for an awesome ceremony! I noticed this morning that the crystal skull Brett caretakes has changed his colour - he is much clearer. I’ve seen this with some of my crystal children before, but never with a crystal skull…I felt so Blessed to see this.” Heather

And another….

“Lia, I'm looking at my crystal that I had in the circle and it now has the appearance of a skull??? I may be seeing things but...”  Michelle  (see image below)

My heartfelt gratitude to all those who responded to the call to be in Kuranda last weekend. Your commitment to your spiritual journey and your desire to make a difference to how we live life on this beautiful planet of ours, inspires me and uplifts me. Keep doing what you are doing, keep trusting, keep sharing…it may not always seem obvious, but we ARE making a difference.

May the gifts of Self-Love, Joy and the realization of your own Divinity, reveal themselves to you from deep within during this momentous year of the 2012 Gateway. Let us make a vow to ourselves and to each other, to embrace all that we are, and all that we are becoming.

Sending you as always,
Much Love and many Blessings,