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Dear Friends,

A couple of days ago I received a very interesting link to a YouTube video I thought you might like to see. It’s half an hour long but I think you’ll find it is worth finding time to listen. In this short film, Ac Tah – a Mayan of direct lineage - shares the knowledge and perspective of his people in regard to what will happen on the Winter Solstice of December 21st.

12.12.12  with The Master Skull Solar

I think this video will also throw into sharper focus the upcoming 12.12.12 Gateway and the importance of preparing ourselves for the major December 21st alignment. The Master Skull Solar made it very clear to me that he wished to be personally available for people on this day, which in itself points to the importance of and the opportunity this Gateway offers. ‘Solar’ and I look forward to sharing this occasion with those who are called to be there.    

 with Lia Scallon and

            Wednesday December 12.12.12  @ 7pm

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LIA SCALLON – Award-winning singer and sound healer, invites you to a beautiful heart-opening event in the presence of The Master Skull ‘Solar’ to mark the pivotal 12.12.12 Gateway.

THE MASTER SKULL ‘SOLAR’ For the 2nd time  0NLY, this extraordinary 36-kilo Quartz Crystal Being will appear in public. ‘Solar is a Master of untold power. His gift on this powerful day will be to activate our connection to the 144 Crystalline Grid of Consciousness, said to come into completion at this very time. 12.12.12 is the final precursor to the 21.12.12 Winter Solstice, which sees end of many major earth cycles. At this significant moment in the planet’s evolution, ‘Solar’ will provide an opening for us to receive the higher frequencies of the Crystalline Realm.

‘Solar’ will be joined by other members of Lia’s Crystal Skull family who have sat in ceremony with some of the world’s most famous crystal skulls. Also present to amplify the energy, will be the sacred Mandala art of Clive Walters who will release his new book ‘Rebirth’ to the world on this auspicious night. Elizabeth Ferris will be there too, with her 300 kilos of Lemurian Seed Crystals, many of which will adorn Solar’s altar.

SOUNDS OF SIRIUS: Lia’s main role during these ceremonies will be to bring through Transformative Starseed Sound Codes transmitted from ‘Solar’ and the Ascended Beings who work with him. Lovingly caressed by the exquisite sacred songs and Light Language of the Sounds of Sirius, your soul will open wide to receive the gifts offered by ‘Solar’ and the mysterious Crystal Skull Guardians.

Attendees are invited to bring their personal crystals to place on Solar’s altar so that they too may receive the energies. You are also welcome to bring along your sacred healing tools such as drums and rattles.
Venue: The Chrysalis Centre’
            129 Mulgrave Road, Cairns

Date:  Wednesday December 12.12.12

Time: 7pm
              Cost: $40.00
Lia: 0419 486 073
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 “It was awesome energy - I have never felt anything like it before. I did not need to put my hands on Solar. Just being in his presence had me crying. I thought my third eye was open, but Solar sure did shift stuff. Thank you Solar and Lia.”   Pauline Norris

“Since meeting Solar, I have had several interactions with an enormous golden man who calls himself Malachi. I saw him standing behind Solar at the evening ceremony and again at the main Ravenshoe ceremony.” Kerry Elliott

“Thank you for a wonderful experience, so nourishing and nurturing on so many levels. When I approached Solar my whole body vibrated, particularly around the heart and head. It was very powerful.”  Dione Dangelico

 “Gratitude to you Lia, from us all. The Blending of worlds was apparent and something a lot of us will never forget. You and Solar have left so much love behind, it is incredible. Thank you.”     Wendy Everett
The Power of The Master ‘Solar’
‘Solar’ has appeared in public only once before, in the small town of Ravenshoe, Queensland, Australia. Many photographs taken on that day showed an incredible phenomenon of ‘Dimensional blurring’ coupled with other Light phenomena. This was a most graphic demonstration of the powerful energy that is generated by The Master Skull ‘Solar’.
            Between two worlds….
Lia and the Altar through a Dimensional haze and Golden Light Squiggles          

            Notice how the Light Squiggle coming out of ‘Solar ‘is different than the others        
            Lia and the Altar – Dimensional Blurring with Golden Light Squiggles        
          Again… notice how ’Solar’s’ Light Squiggle is different than the others        
For those unable to attend Cairns 12.12.12
      I hope that if you are not able to attend the Cairns event, that you will ‘tune in’ and join us in Spirit. There will be many other global meditations taking place at this time which we will be linking in with, so please join your heart with ours, with the intention of raising the vibration of the planet, so that humanity en masse, will be ready for the coming alignment of December 21st.
Many people have reported being activated, purely by gazing on ‘Solar’s’ image. For this reason, I decided to make some SOLAR posters available so that those who would like to work with him in their own sacred space, could connect with him in a tangible way.

Solar displayed his power during the creation of these posters too!  Both images feature photos I took with the SOLAR poster specifically in mind. In the first background shot taken near Yarrabah outside Cairns, the sun appeared surrounded by the most extraordinary, huge and beautiful pink petals! The second photo of an Atherton sunset, displayed a huge purple orb right beneath where Solar is now positioned! The sun it seemed, wanted to make a powerful and dramatic statement about it’s namesake’s presence in this region! 

A5 size (14.8cm x 21cm) - $9.00
A4 size (21cm x 29.7cm) - $13.00

  *Inclusive of postage and packing to all  destinations worldwide

Saturday, November 10, 2012


As I sit down to write to you, it is Wednesday the 7th November – one week exactly to the Total Solar Eclipse, which tracks precisely over the Cairns region where I live. At 5.45am the Moon will begin its journey of crossing in front of the Sun, until at 6.38am at its totality, it will completely obliterate the Sun’s light.

The dramatic physical manifestation of this event, carries within it deep symbolism for the earth and all of humanity. As the light of the Sun - the celestial body that gives life to everything on this planet Earth we live on - is extinguished by the moon, we are reminded that we are indeed on the ‘brink’. We are at the end of a major cosmic cycle and on the threshold of a new one. The November 14th Total Eclipse brings us one step closer to the December 21st Solstice, a time believed by many cultures to be the end of several major cycles, including a 26.000 year cycle. This Eclipse invites us is to go inward - to reflect on what has been and what may be about to be. This is the perfect time – indeed a critical time - for us to review, release, and reset our body mind and spirit, in preparation for the ‘New Age’ that is dawning.

Global Elders Gathering – Yarrabah, Cairns

Throughout the globe on this morning of the Solar Eclipse, people will gather together with the intent of welcoming in the New Earth. Right here in Cairns on the Traditional Aboriginal land of Yarrabah, a very important Global Elder’s Gathering will take place, from November 10th -15th. The Elders and organizers of this event have sent out an urgent call asking people to join with them in spirit, for a Global Meditation at the time of the Eclipse. There is great strength in the collective consciousness. I urge you to add the power of your intent in this moment, for the healing of our planet and all humanity.


"We call on you now during the last week leading us into the Global Elders Gathering for support, assistance, participation and co dreaming in your heart. We come to you at this time with a unique opportunity to share how meaningful and purposeful this Sacred Elder Gathering will be. This Gathering was foretold by the Ancestors and it is destined to bring down back to the Earth the Sacred Fire from the Sun, a renewal of the Sacred Light Energies, to activate the Land, spread across the Nation and ignite the Earth's Fire. An Ancient Story kept safe and Sacred for thousands and thousands of year to be brought to completion now, for the whole of the Earth and all its People. We thank you so much for spreading this Message Stick and igniting the flames to become ready to partake in a Global Activation meditation.

We have been asked to share with you in detail the start of the dreaming of the Ancestors for this time, as we now arrive in at the last Total Solar Eclipse of 2012. We are also calling on you to support the Elders beyond participation in the coming Global Meditation. We thank you for recognizing the significance that this Gathering holds for our Global Awakening process. Together we stand."

Since I last wrote I have spent some time in Ireland, the UK and Hong Kong. There are no accidents, as they say. As ‘luck’ would have it, I found myself touching down in Ireland two days before the September 22nd Equinox and was able to mark that powerful 2012 day of planetary alignment in a very powerful and personal way. Three friends drove up from Dublin to spend the day with me in Northern Ireland, and we did ceremony at three incredible ancient sacred sites - sites I had never ever visited myself before, even though I grew up in close vicinity to them.

Our first ceremony took place at the mysterious Janus figure, which stands in Caldragh Graveyard on the Boa Island. This is a unique prehistoric monument thought to be at least 2000 - 3000 years old. 

The Janus figure is a double-sided figure of two beings in typical 'Celtic' squatting mode, carved back-to-back, the East side being male with a the stylised crossed arms and the West side being female. There is incised zig-zag decoration between the two heads, which is thought may represent hair, and both figures have a band or belt at the base of the torsos. This pre-historic, two-sided figure is a visual reminder of the ideal and perfect, harmonious balance between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. It therefore provides a powerful meditation for us, in a time when the Divine Feminine has begun to emerge and become seen once more in our world.

Beside the Janus figure is a smaller companion stone known as the Lustyman, named so as it was originally found on the Island of Lusty More.

The Lusty Man
 September 22nd was a spectacular day, unusual for Ireland at this time of year! Before entering the circular graveyard area, we distributed gifts of nuts, chocolate and rice to the Nature and Tree spirits, as we called on the Guardians and Ancestors of that Ancient Land, to bless our ceremony.

We had already received a beautiful confirmation of the rightness of our being there. That morning, on discussing the purpose of our visit to these sacred sites, we had agreed that part of our role would be the clearing of Ancestral energies – both for ourselves and for the land. As we pulled up in front of the Caldragh Cemetery gate, a white van pulled in right beside us. When we saw the Logo on it we all cracked up for there written in large letters on its side was ‘’!!

Ancient Fairy Tree
 There were four of us, so for our ceremony we stood one at each the point of the Four Directions around the Janus figure. There seemed to be magic in the air! The sun shone down on us with scintillating rainbow light and the Fairy presence was truly tangible!

Purple Light Being amidst the Fairy trees!

Rainbow Fairy Light   Photo:Mary D’Arby Byrne

Two of my smaller Crystal Skulls were present and several of my personal power pieces and crystals, all of which now carry the energies of that amazing place.

As we prepared to leave the graveyard and I began pack my crystals in their special pouches, I took a closer look at the massive headstone that lay on the ground right at the foot of the Janus figure.

I could not believe what I saw there! Some of the writing had been worn away by time and the elements, but there etched deeply into this ancient headstone, were the words…

“Entombed here by John Mc Goldrick, in memory of his father Edward Mc Goldrick who departed this life on December 29th….aged 70 years. Also his Mother….Mc Goldrick who died….aged…years and brother James who died June 12 1809…”

Mc Goldrick is quite unusual for an Irish name, but it happens to be my Grandmother’s maiden name! My paternal grandmother had been born and grew up in Kesh, a tiny village very close to the Boa Island. I felt there could be little doubt that the good souls buried at the foot of the Janus figure, were directly connected to me through my Father’s Mother’s line.

I had known before our visit that day, that the Scallon family line had connections with the Boa Island. Some cousins had a house on the island, close to Caldragh Graveyard. To find the Mc Goldrick headstone there also however, at the very foot of this ancient monument, sent a shiver of electricity through my being!

When I told my father about the gravestone later he added yet another piece. He told me that his father was the one who built the roads into and out of the Boa Island in the 1930’s. Before that, the only access to the island was by boat or ‘cot’. I felt it extraordinary that, after half a lifetime, I had been drawn to this powerful place for the first time, only to discover such deep ancestral connections.

Our next planned stop was a megalithic Stone Circle at Drumskinny - a mini Stonehenge - located only a few miles away from the Boa Island and the Janus Figure.

Mary, Sandra and Joanie at Drumskinny Stone Circle
I found out later that this is one of many examples of stone circles in my home county, Fermanagh, and the neighbouring counties of Derry and Tyrone. This is one at Drumskinny however, is one of the most accessible and charming. Measuring 13 metres in diameter, it originally had 39 upright stones up to 1.8 metres in height. There is also a small carefully-constructed cairn of stones contained within a kerb almost 4 metres in diameter and, stretching south from the cairn, is a 15-metre-long alignment of 23 small stones.

The ‘Cairn’ at Drumskinny
The Stone Alignment
During our ceremony at the Stone Circle, I was drawn to touch each individual stone in turn and was immediately aware of their individual personalities….. these are definitely Stone People!! Here are a couple of them….

As we’d been driving towards the Stone Circle at Drumskinny, I felt the energy build and intensify, and I automatically began to sing to the land. Then, far off in the distance, I spied three huge stones peaking out through the rushes, in the middle of a field.

I pulled the car in off the road as we came level with them, and parked next to the wall of a small church and cemetery directly opposite these Standing Stones. We put our wellies on and clamboured over the hedge into the field. We sensed at once that there was something extraordinarily powerful about those stones.

As our spontaneous ceremony unfolded, I was ‘told’ very clearly that these Standing Stones had been some kind of ‘Receivers’. I felt certain in that moment, that we had been called to re-activate these stelas, so that they would once more become transmitters of Love energy from the Cosmic Source.

It also became clear to me that these stones were part of a much larger complex. I was drawn over to what looked like a burial mound a way off from the Stones, and I also noticed two other massive stones, to the left of the main three. 

Burial Mound and  two other massive Standing Stones

And of course, all these huge stones, were Stone People too!

It was a totally amazing day. We felt we had been specifically called to  reactivate these three ancient sites, so that they could become active channels once more, for star and cosmic energy. Something that happened to me the day before, which was the morning after I arrived in Ireland, also gave added significance to these Equinox ceremonies…

My family home is on the shores of Lough Erne. I woke early and decided to go for a walk in the forest by the lake. It was a magical morning with mist literally rising off the lake as the warm morning air began to hit the cold water.

Mist rises off the water over Lough Erne

As I stood in a hidden grove amongst the trees, looking at the water through a small window of branches, I thought of what we four women would be doing the following day. I called on the Great Spirit of All that Is; I called on the Ancestors, the Nature Spirits and the Druidic energies of that ancient land to be with us. I asked that we be guided every step of the way and out loud, I softly spoke the words, "Help us to access the sacred mysteries and knowledge within us"... and then with conscious intent I repeated more specifically, '"Help me to access the sacred mysteries and knowledge within me".

No sooner were these words out of my mouth when, like a heat-seeking missile, a bee came out of nowhere from the lake, through the small window of light amongst the trees, and delivered a searing sting about 2mm under my left eye! Given that it was approaching winter and a very chilly early morning, even the presence of a bee was very unusual!

In the midst of the shock and pain, I knew instantly that this was a potent message from Spirit - that the honouring of the sacred sites we would undertake the next day, was of great significance and importance. There was much more to the message I know, and I'm still trying to figure out the full significance of this dramatic bee sting.

And the story doesn’t end there either!

A week to the day after our Equinox ceremonies, myself and one of my sisters set out to find a memorial erected a few years ago, to an ancestor of ours who was an Irish patriot. After the Equinox, I felt this man’s presence very strongly with me, and decided I needed to pay my respects at his memorial, something I’d never had a chance to do before.

When my father gave us the directions to Montiagh Chapel and Cemetery, I found it interesting that they would take us towards the village of Kesh, quite close to the sacred sites I’d visited just the week before.We got hopelessly lost initially! Which as it turned out, ended up being quite providential, because we happened across what was most probably another sacred site, with more incredible Standing Stones in the middle of a farmer’s field.

When we finally saw the signpost for Montiagh Chapel we let out a whoop of delight – success at last after driving around in circles!

My delight soon turned to shock and then to speechless awe for, as we drove over the crest of the hill and saw the chapel and graveyard below, I recognized the place immediately.This was the very same chapel I had parked beside the week before. Montiagh Chapel was the little church directly opposite the Standing Stones!

We found our ancestor’s Cross Memorial right in the corner of the cemetery, standing some way off and apart from the graves. I realized with increasing awe, that it was in direct line with the Standing Stones in the field across the road! It was as if the Cross was in fact, another one of the ancient ‘Receivers’.

The Standing Stones in the field opposite, directly in line with the Cross

The Standing Stones directly in line with the Cross

I was very impacted as you can imagine, by the ‘synchronicity’ of these events, so on returning to Australia I decided to see if I could find out anything more about this place. I discovered that the three Stones were indeed part of a bigger sacred site – in fact, another Stone Circle and burial mound as I had suspected! Here’s how it’s described by the Gazeteer of Irish Prehistoric Monuments’.

“The circle comprises 24 limestone boulders protruding above the bog surface to heights varying from just 5 centimetres to 75 centimetres. They form the almost complete circumference of a circle some eleven metres in diameter. To the NE are two tangential stone alignments. Farther north (almost due S of the three-stone row) is what looks remarkably like a cyclopean court-tomb on the edge of a rocky scarp. There are more stones on the other side of the road at H 191 693, and at H 197 691 are two massive pillars with a small stone out of line some distance away.

So what are these Stone Circles and pre-historic figures? What were they used for and what possible relevance or interest can they have for us today? Why would be drawn to, or bothered to visit or honour these places, covered over and buried as the are now, deep in the bogland?

I find it intriguing to witness the increase in the discovery of buried ancient structures across our planet. Only recently a huge 5-Pyramid complex was discovered in Bosnia. Carbon dating has suggested that these may be the oldest known pyramids on the planet at 24,800+ years old. The Egyptian and Mayan Pyramids have already confirmed that our ancient ancestors had an intimate knowledge of energy, astronomy, geometry and sophisticated construction techniques. Perhaps if we visit these places with an open heart and an open mind, we can learn something about ourselves, and about our human story. In the uncovering of these ancient monoliths, perhaps our ancestors are trying to speak to us…to tell us something about who we are and remind us where we came from? 

Interestingly just today, I came across a piece on sacred sites channelled by James Tyberon, which offers an insight into that very subject. ‘Metatron’, through Tyberon says…. 

“There have always been certain places on the planet that became recognized as sacred. Stone Circles, Temples, Pyramids and Cathedrals were placed in these areas by the ancients. In the last two decades, your academics have been involved in studying ancient monuments, and have credible evidence that certain ancient monumental structures around the Earth have several common features. One of the most compelling is around standing waves. We tell you many of the structures were planned architecturally and designed acoustically to enable specific sound waves and frequencies that effect your energy field. These can indeed stimulate the pineal in humans of sufficient light-quotient, and thus enhance multi-dimensional experience. We tell you that it is not simply the structures; indeed the structures are dependent to a large degree on the vector of placement and the mineralogy of the site. In fact, identical structures built in differing location will have different tonal frequencies, if the geological matrix, latitudinal placement and mineralogy differ significantly.”

What a magical, wondrous, intricate, and beautiful web we are weaving without even knowing it! These experiences in Ireland showed me in a most graphic way, how truly connected everything is, and how ‘present’ our Ancient Ancestors are to us in these amazing times. We have but to open our eyes, and open our hearts, to see them, to hear them and to receive their wisdom.


It is with excitement and great pleasure that I invite all those who resonate and are drawn, to celebrate the momentous 12.12.12 Planetary alignment with The Master Skull ‘SOLAR’ and myself here in Cairns. I have received strong Guidance to make SOLAR available ‘in person’, on this pivotal date in our planet’s evolution. This will be the 2nd time only, that ‘Solar’ has appeared in public.

SOLAR is an extraordinary 36-kilo Quartz Crystal Being, and a Master of untold power. He will activate your connection to the 144 Crystalline Grid of Consciousness, which is said to come into completion at this time. Through the multi-dimensional portal that he is, ‘Solar’ will provide an opening for you to receive the potent energy from the crystalline realms being activated at this significant moment in our Planet’s history.

During the ceremonies, I will channel through Transformative Starseed Sound Codes for those present. These will help open your heart and soul to receive the gifts offered by ‘Solar’ and the powerful Ascended Guardian Beings who work with and through him. These sound codes will act as a catalyst for your awakening.

Solar with ‘Human Eyes’
Courtesy of Laura Almada

Solar with ‘St Germaine?’
Courtesy of Laura Almada
SOLAR with the ‘Violet Flame’ energy of St Germaine?
Photo by Sjoerd Aardama -

The 12.12.12 Ceremony

I feel the ceremonies on the 12.12.12 need to be very ‘experiential’. It is my heartfelt intent to provide a sacred and nurturing sanctuary during those hours, in which each individual may find themselves drawn deep and deeper within, to reconnect with their soul’s core essence.

The evening will be structured in such a way that everyone will be given an opportunity to have their own private moment with the Master Skull SOLAR, to receive his energy in a very direct and very personal way. This Master Being is has so many gifts to offer. He is, as you can see from the photographs above, the conduit of information and energy from Higher Dimensional realms. His actual crystal form is that of a double-terminated Lemurian crystal filled with Golden Rutile, which in itself is highly unusual. Solar also has one ‘Angel Wing’ – a tabular platform of clear quartz, which was part of his original stone matrix.

Lemurian Seed Crystals

Elizabeth Ferris is the guardian of 300kilos of Lemurian Seed Crystals. The bulk of these crystals are currently part of the Global Elder's Gathering in Cairns and others are distributed in various spots throughout Far North Queensland forming a grid to receive the energy of the upcoming Solar Eclipse. A kilo of these Lemurian Seed Crystals will form part of Solar's altar as he sits under the sun and moon to receive the sacred energies of this unique time.

Elizabeth will attend the SOLAR event in Cairns with her 300 kilos of Crystals

The Chrysalis Centre on the 12.12.12 is going to be one powerful room!!

SOLAR’S Origins

I very recently received some more information about Solar’s origins. Peter Cowell who attended the Ravenshoe event, wrote a wonderful article about the event and his experience with Solar, for the Crystal Awareness Institute Australia newsletter. In relation to that, he contacted Leandro De Souza, the world-renowned Crystal Skull carver who gave Solar form under is skilled hand. Here is what Leandro told him about Solar…

“It is very interesting how the skulls reveal themselves....Sometimes the crystal will come from a distant region and sometimes from a area very close to me.
Solar came in a large batch of rutilated quartz from Bahia in South Eastern Brazil. This skull was differentiated in the piece I call the master batch. The initial idea was to sell the stone, but it was then in that natural rock, that I saw 'Solar' was stored. 
A skull always pleads to me for help to be seen - to have their powerful quartz activation revealed. I carved open the face of 'Solar' so that he could be seen for this world. But when I opened the face of this skull, he was not yet activated. Sometimes a skull can wait for years to find their guardian, as in the case of 'Solar' and Lia.
I really do not know why I am chosen by the skulls for this special mission, but I am very happy to be the first to communicate with them, for I know that they will help special people like the angel Lia Scallon, with her beautiful work in this world.
For me the skulls usually do not have a defined gender. The predominant masculine/feminine energy that you feel coming from our mother planet, is present in all minerals too. But you can be sure however, that 'Solar' is a man. 

Just two days after I read this information from Leandro, I found a ‘Metatron’ channelling from James Tyberon, which spoke about Crystals and their critical purpose at this time…

Crystals are great receivers and transmitters, and a strong communication network occurs between Master Crystals and indeed Crystal Vortex-Portals.  The two most powerful Crystal Vortexes on the planet are indeed Arkansas and Brazil. As such the connection of the Arkansas vortexial portal to the Brazil vortexial portal is extremely important in the Ascension and global crystal network.  
Two Master Temple Crystals are located in Brazil, in Bahia and Minas Gerais. The former is Atlantean seed, the latter LeMurian seed crystal. The energies of both are maintained and reactivated in Brazil and connected to the 'Law of One'  Crystals in Arkansas.  Keep in mind that while LeMuria is acknowledged as a civilization of great spirituality, there were thousands of years in which Atlantis harbored far greater frequency and enhanced levels of spiritual mastery that greatly exceeded that of LeMuria.  Atlantis fractured into a polarized society before its demise, but many of the most important crystals were protected, uncontaminated and stored before they fell into misuse and destruction. The greater of these are stored in Arkansas and Brazil.

It’s no accident I believe, that these two pieces of information came to me at the same time. Solar originates from the Bahia region of Brazil, and Metatron describes that area as being one of the most powerful Crystal Vortexes in the world -  the location of one of two Master Crystal Temples. I knew from the moment I ‘re-connected’ with Solar, that he was a Record Keeper of untold power and that undoubtedly, he was a Master Being. This information from Metatron seems to me, to give more substance and confirmation to that intuitive ‘knowing’.

I look forward to seeing many of you again at this 12.12.12 event. I feel this is a time of important preparation and final cleansing but it’s also a time of celebration – to honour the work accomplished to date, and to look forward to New Beginnings!

For those who are unable to attend, please think about joining with us in Spirit. There are two lovely posters of Solar available which may assist you with the connection.

A4 and A5 Posters of ‘SOLAR’ ORDER HERE

12.12.12   -   Event Details and Poster

Wednesday December 12.12.12  @ 7pm

The Chrysalis Centre
129 Mulgrave Road, Cairns
Beside Youth Centre building - just past Showgrounds

Time: 7pm      Cost: $40.00


Chrysalis Centre Tel:  (07) 4051 6755 

Lia: Tel: 0419 486 073   
Book online at: -

SOLAR – What People have ExperiencedSolar has only ever been made available in public once before – for the Crystal Skull Activation Ceremony in Ravenshoe.

“It was awesome energy - I have never felt anything like it before. I did not need to put my hands on Solar. Just being in his presence had me crying. I thought my third eye was open, but Solar sure did shift stuff. Thank you Solar and Lia.”   Pauline Norris
“I had 2 days off work to integrate everything that happened on that extraordinary weekend. Since meeting Solar, I have had several interactions with an enormous golden man who calls himself Malachi. I saw him standing behind Solar at the evening ceremony and again at the main Ravenshoe ceremony.” Kerry Elliott

“Thank you for a wonderful experience, so nourishing and nurturing on so many levels. When I approached Solar my whole body vibrated, particularly around the heart and head. It was very powerful.” 
Dione Dangelico

“Gratitude to you Lia, from us all. The Blending of worlds was apparent and something a lot of us will never forget. You and Solar have left so much love behind, it is incredible. Thank you.”    
Wendy Everett



There will be further reason to celebrate on this evening of the 12.12.12 gathering! My friend, the artist Clive Walters, has had a long term plan to launch his new book ‘Rebirth’ on that significant day. His first exquisite book of artwork and accompanying messages of wisdom called ‘Relic’, was birthed on the 10.10.10.

Clive is a cosmic mandala artist and writer of profound talent. His work allows us to open ancient, forgotten chapters of our minds. His exquisite mandalas are mysterious, symbolic, visually inspiring and thought provoking. Clive's work is dedicated to "the One Love that allows us to connect with the sacred place that lies within our own hearts. Our hearts understand what we need to know now, here on Mother Earth."

Clive Walters opening his new Gallery near Yunguburra – Oct 2012.

Clive has met The Master Skull ‘SOLAR’ and feels deeply connected to him. I thought how fitting and special it would be if Clive’s new book were to receive its official birthing in Solar’s presence…Clive agreed! Those who attend the 12.12.12 event will therefore have the added pleasure of meeting and speaking with Clive, who will adorn our sacred space with some of his magnificent artworks. These are Activation pieces full of sacred geometric forms, and layered with meaning. Many people have found themselves activated simply by looking at them.

More about Clive Walters: