Monday, August 29, 2011


I learnt a rather profound lesson in the last 12 hours that relates directly to the message of ‘Appreciation’ from the Hathors.

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Last night, the ABC aired the documentary film ‘The Cove’. This film deals with the exposure of the mass  killing of dolphins, in a hidden cove near a small village in Japan. I love Dolphins and Whales. These highly intelligent creatures, which are closely connected with Sirius, emanate such joy and wisdom that it seems incomprehensible that anyone would wish to deliberately hurt and kill them. I knew this film would probably have some difficult moments, but I felt that I should inform myself about what was actually going on.

In this instance, for me personally, I was wrong about that. The images of the wholesale slaughtering of these beautiful creatures, as the water became deep red with blood, caused me huge distress. By the time the movie was over, my body was rigid with stress, my neck and shoulders transformed into what felt like solid concrete. On waking this morning, my body still felt like it had been on a rack. It took me two hours of meditation, movement and sound, to unravel the stress that had embedded itself in my muscles and solar plexus.

This was a huge lesson for me, and confirmation of an understanding that has been taking hold for some time. I think it has become imperative for us to start making very conscious choices about what we expose ourselves to in life. We are energetic beings……EVERYTHING affects our frequency and our vibration. We are already bombarded daily by messages and images of fear and violence and abuse. This inevitably affects our energetic and electromagnetic fields. To counteract this bombardment of our senses, I think that where possible, we need to start making very specific choices about what influences we expose ourselves to. If we wish to experience beauty and peace and harmony in our lives, then we must learn to surround ourselves with things of beauty, peace and harmony. If you immerse yourself in images and experiences of fear, violence and abuse, you will just attract more of that into your life.

What is absolutely critical for us and our beloved planet right now, is for us to raise our vibration. Despite my deep admiration for the passion and commitment of these activists who risked their lives to make ‘The Cove’, watching this documentary did not serve to raise my vibration. Instead, the incredible distress I experienced at seeing the fate of the dolphins, shut down many of my body systems. This will not necessarily be the case for everyone who watches the film of course – I am speaking of my own very personal experience of the material.

As I slowly released the physical stress from the muscles this morning, I felt huge gratitude and appreciation in my heart for the dolphins who once more, had taught me something invaluable and also for the filmmakers, whose great love for these creatures, have made it possible for myself and others to grow and learn from the plight of these magnificent creatures.

This experience made me truly and deeply understand, just how we take experiences and emotion INTO OUR BODY. Our cells literally take on emotion physically….and they hold on to it. How many other incidents such as this has my body taken on since childhood, without my having any conscious awareness of how has affected me? How many such incidents are still affecting my health and wellbeing?

They say ‘you are what you eat’. You are also what you think, feel and experience! The time has come I believe, for us to start making more conscious choices around the health of our body, mind and spirit. That is growing up…..that is growth.

As we contemplate things of beauty and steep ourselves in the energy of appreciation and harmony, we too may come to experience the pure, unadulterated joy the Dolphin exudes, as he bursts forth from the water, somersaulting  through the air with a smile of bliss!

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  1. I too watched this program Lia,I had to constantly switch stations as it also distressed me greatly although being conscious of how this type of stress affects my body I was constantly releasing it, hence the switching of stations but persisted in watching it in gratitude to the heroes who risked their own lives to bring this atrocity to the awareness of the world. Well done them and blessings to the dolhpins.......Debra