Friday, January 27, 2012

LEANNE WILLIAMS – Visionary Artist

With the nomination of Crystal Keys for Best Cover Art, the very talented visionary artist Leanne Williams shares the excitement of the ZMR awards too! Her magnificent front cover graphic for ‘Crystal Keys’ has garnered a lot of very positive feedback from those of you who have purchased the album, so here’s hoping Leanne will be celebrating on March 11th too!

I became aware of Leanne’s work a few years ago and have featured many of her stunning pieces in my newsletters as well as in my Diamond Light Activation clip. If you haven’t seen this video yet, you have a treat in store. Leanne’s art is the perfect partner for this meditative piece. The intuitive heart response invoked in the viewer by these beautiful images, allows them to travel deep within to receive the sound codes of the music and words, in a most profound way.

Leanne is creating new works on a daily basis. Here is her latest inspirational graphic, with accompanying message….

The Enlightened One

Just beneath the surface lies the light within.
Now is the time to activate this light.
The cracks of our facade are beginning to show
and our inner light is able to penetrate through.
Our Soul is breaking free,
enlightening each and every one of us.
We are the Lightworkers
We are…..
‘The Enlightened Ones’

Leanne now also offers Personal Healing Artworks. Within each individual piece created, are embedded subtle healing vibration and messages from Spirit, which will speak to your Soul.

If you are particularly drawn to any of the images in the Diamond Light Mediation, prints are available from the shop on Leanne’s website store:-

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