Saturday, January 28, 2012

THE PYRAMID - My Sacred Mountain

Almost without fail each morning as I open our bedroom curtains, my heart expands with wonder and appreciation at the sheer beauty of the scene I behold. On particularly special days, when the sky is clear, the wind still, and the sun bathes the landscape, I find myself saying out loud… ‘This is Paradise – we already live in Paradise’. One thing which makes Cairns so beautiful, is the majestic sweep of the mountains right down to the ocean shore. Our home is positioned quite high up one of these mountain slopes, so from the balcony, it’s easy to imagine you are floating on a platform above the treetops! 

The most mesmerising feature of this view for me is a mountain called ‘The Pyramid’, positioned smack bang in the centre of this magnificent vista. From the moment we moved in here almost four years ago, this perfectly shaped Pyramid mountain has intrigued me. Some days, under a cloudless sky, it looks just like a perfectly formed Ancient Egyptian pyramid… 

On other days, it could be an active volcano… smoke plumes issuing from the top of its firey crater… 

 On other days when it’s wreathed in wispy clouds, you can imagine yourself looking at a peak in the Himalayas! 

And then there are days when, obscured by thick tropical rain clouds it simply disappears, as if some cosmic magician has completely erased its existence!

From Day 1, I felt there was something really special about this striking natural structure, and so I named it my Sacred Mountain. I’ve since learnt that ‘Walsh’s Pyramid’ as it’s also known, is the largest natural pyramid in the world.

Every morning when possible, I do my morning practice before leaving the bedroom. As I go through this combination of movement, prayer and channelling of the ‘Sounds of Sirius’, my eyes are always locked on The Pyramid which through the window, seems to hover above the leafy treetops. At times, there seems to be more much traffic in the air than on the ground!! Butterflies, bees, dragonflies and birds of all shapes, sizes and hue, fly in and out of my eyeline usually at breathtaking speed, reminding me that as a human, I am well and truly earthbound! 

On a number of occasions during these morning practices, I’ve felt my connection with the Pryamid intensify to a point where I’ve ‘seen’ a sort of tunnel of energy between myself and the mountain. Each time this has happened, I've been aware of pairs of birds, flying repeatedly in and out of this unseen tunnel, adding credence to the existence of a powerful pathway of energy there.

About 8 weeks ago, my lower back and hips went into major lockdown! Nothing I did to try to alleviate the pain, spasm and rotation seemed to help – exercise, massage, acupuncture – nothing worked. I try to operate from the principle that ‘there are no accidents’ so I consciously began to look for the message carried within the pain. Eventually, I reached an understanding that one of the main reasons and purposes of this physical challenge, was a call from my soul to surrender, and allow myself time to go into an inner retreat.

As I began to let go of the many daily work anxieties and activities, allowing myself more time to contemplate, meditate and do ceremony, I was rewarded by the unfoldment of some magical and powerful shamanic journeys. Frequently, I’d wake up in the morning channelling as I emerged from sleep, still in that twilight zone between worlds. This would be accompanied by intense energy downloads, felt in a very physical way within my body. One morning, I had a vision of my whole spine and skeletal structure changing to crystal, as the energy charge flowed through me. 

I tried not to question or analyse too much what was happening, but to just trust, let go and surrender to the process. There is great vulnerability pain - one feels one is not in control. In moments such as these however, I realized that the pain was indeed a gift whose purpose was to slow me down, in order that I might experience these moments of transformation and growth with absolute immediacy. 

Throughout this time of retreat, the connection with my Sacred Mountain also seemed to grow stronger. I’d find myself fixated on the mountain and thinking with certainty, “There’s something really, really important in that mountain – not just to me, but to the bigger scheme of things.” 

A few days after Christmas, I again woke up channelling. The moment my eyes fell on the Pyramid, I had an immediate, compelling and uncompromising knowing that, “Today, I have to go there.” This was the first time in four years I’d felt the need to do anything but gaze on this beautiful structure, so I knew that what was about to unfold would be very significant. There was no question in my mind that I was about to undertake a sacred journey. I prepared myself therefore, by doing a very thorough cleansing ceremony involving the Four Elements, particularly fire and water, after which I anointed myself with Francincense and other sacred oils. 

There was a feeling of great purpose and urgency to the task at hand, and I knew no obstacle or disturbance would obstruct what was in train. I knew too, that I would be quite specifically guided, and would find a way to enter the mountain, despite the fact that until now, I’d only ever gazed on it from afar. Which of course, is what happened…it was as if a kind of inner magnetic radar pulled me in exactly the right direction, each step of the way. 

The first thing I saw upon entering the mountain, were the many very large Rock People there. 

Can you see the face profile in the big one at the front - the closed eye and the smile on his face? He actually looks like he's sleeping peacefully! 

Seeing these huge Stone Henge-like boulders, immediately brought back memories of the incredible experiences of my recent visit to Lake Tahoe and Mt Shasta, last June. In both these places, my friend Jill Stevenson and myself were urgently guided off the road on several occasions, only to find groups of powerful Rock People there. The first time I became consciously aware of giant Rock People such as these, had been in Sedona. The landscape in Sedona is alive with faces - Ancient ones looking down on you from the extraordinary Red Rock Canyon vortexes. Few people who visit Sedona are left untouched by the power and energy of the place.

In Lake Tahoe and Mt Shasta, I had felt exactly the same magnetic sense of urgency as on this morning, when my gaze had fallen on The Pyramid. As Jill and I ran up towards those massive, imposing Rocks, I immediately began to sing to them and speak to them in Light Language and then in English, telling them to ‘Wake up, Wake up’!! It was absolutely clear to me that, within these megalithic rocks, rested powerful Spirit Guardians who, perhaps for eons, have been holding and protecting the energies of Mother Earth in that place. Now it was time for them to become active again. I found myself calling to them with great urgency - climbing on them, stroking them, hitting them gently and affectionately, urging them to, ‘Wake up Dear Ones, wake Up….the time is now…wake up Dear Ones wake up!” These were powerful moments that I think Jill and I will never forget.

On relating these experiences to a beautiful women we met in Mt Shasta on that same visit, we were given a revealing insight into their possible meaning. Karen Sheeks, who is an Intuitive, Clairvoyant and Medium, told us a story which confirmed our own feelings about these Spirit Guardians. Legend has it she says, that some 12,000 years ago, members of the Galactic Federation of Star Nations visited the earth. At the conclusion of their time here, some decided to return to the Stars, some integrated with Earth beings and some went into the stones. The Beings who reside in these stones, need the stimulus from a human interaction, to know that it is time to become active again.

And now, here in The Pyramid, I knew I was looking at similar powerful Beings! 

These two in Rock People in the front look alert, ready and waiting!

Can you see the huge Light Orb on the left beside this Giant Rock Being?

Another sleeping Giant!

As I allowed myself to be led into the mountain, I found the ground covered in large chunks of milky mother quartz, just lying there on top of the earth. 

As I moved further in, I found huge boulders of Quartz……

as well as river-like outcrops peaking up through the ground….

All the while as I walked, I was singing and talking to the Rock People, to the earth, the trees, and to the flying things in that place, Although the ground was very overgrown and could well have been hiding snakes or any number of the other deadly creatures that inhabit this tropical Australian outpost, I felt completely protected and safe in surrendering to my body’s inner knowing of where I needed to go. 

The joy of realizing that I was treading on a mountain of pure crystal was immense. I’ve always believed that one of the reasons I was drawn to live in this region of Australia is because it is part of the Ancient continent of Lemuria. Feeling the energy of that crystal mountain in that moment, served to reinforce that belief.

Having felt the sacred purpose of this journey before I set out, I had come prepared with some basic tools for ceremony -  food offerings for the nature spirits, along with other special things I could carry on my person, in pockets and around my neck!  I found myself led to a small clearing within the deep thicket. This space, which seemed to form a perfect natural altar, was flanked by a high, curved red clay bank, peppered with quartz. 

The many chunks of quartz strewn all over the ground and the beautiful wild flowers that  fringed the clearing, seemed to offer themselves willingly as adornment for my makeshift altar. 

As did a perfect oblong of wood -  a readymade platform for my sweet Ancient Coral skull, Abyss.

By the time I lit the incense to begin my small ceremony, I had an understanding or why I’d been drawn to the mountain that day. My prayers centred around two things… 

1) A call for a deepening of the connection between my physical body and Mother Earth's body and her Crystalline Grid, particularly the full unlocking of my base chakra, allowing me to receive her energies more fully.

 2) The Awakening of The Rock People of that place. In the same way they had called me in Tahoe and Mt Shasta, The Rock Guardians of this Pyramid mountain were calling to be re-activated.....the time for these Mountain Guardians had come....

I left the Pyramid that day with a lightness in my step and with the sense of a job well done, a task fulfilled. What I didn’t realize however was that in a way, this ceremony was just the precusor to another potent journey I was about to undergo.

About ten days later, I was guided to construct a Crystal Grid around myself, on the floor of in my workroom, beside a Crystal Skull altar I’d already been working with. 

Allowing my intuition to guide me, I found myself inserting a very old audiotape into the tape machine. It wasn’t until the tape began to play that I realized it wasn’t at all what I thought I’d put in! Spirit works in mysterious ways, as they say!

The voice of the channel Lazaris, which I hadn’t heard for over 10 years, emanated from the tape machine! With his unique, compassionate and soothing tones, he took me on a journey ‘Beyond Struggle’. Through the sludge and the muck, through the inner subconscious swamps of darkness, resistance, anger and fear, he brought me face-to-face with that shadow part of me, ‘The one who is not deserving’. The unfolding of this was experienced not merely as an imaginative or figurative journey – it felt absolutely real. As I lay there, literally sobbing, alone in the depths of the swamp, this shadow self -  ‘The one who is not deserving’ - came forward to present itself. A living breathing creature, bedraggled and faceless, it lurked and shuffled in the shadows, unwilling to be fully seen but completely and utterly real, nonetheless.

Riveted on this figure and hardly able to breath through the sobs, I hear Lazaris voice telling me to ask, ‘The one who is not deserving’  what it wanted. What was it this creature needed so badly, to cause such fear, pain and continual struggle. ‘The me that is not deserving’ responded immediately and clearly, the words voiced from my mouth with passion and anger….”I want some f***king love, that’s what I want, alright? I just want some f***king love!

Lazaris voice again…this time asking me if there’s something I can offer this ‘Me that is not deserving’, some gift that will make it happy, that will fulfill its needs. Again, the response  was immediate and strong. That magnificent, large Rose Quartz crystal heart I’d had for nigh on 15 years, that’s what it wanted. And yes…this crystal was happy to offer itself as the gift.

“There’s another figure in the swamp, right there beside you”, says Lazaris. “They’ve been there all the time, in fact they’ve always with you. It’s the ‘You who has always been deserving”. Lazaris tells me then that this ‘Me who has always been deserving’ will act as liason between me and the ‘Me who is not deserving’. He will venture into the shadows and deliver my offering - my gift of the beautiful Rose Quartz heart. I watch him walk over and into the shadows to face the bedraggled faceless figure. I see the ‘Me who is not deserving’ grab the Rose Heart and clutch it to his bosom. It is just what he wants, it seems – he is content. 

I hear Lazaris speak again. He tells me the ‘Me who is not deserving’ has a gift for me in return. With electrically charged anticipation, I wait for the ‘Me who has always been deserving’ to place the gift in my hands. My heart almost stops at the breathtaking sight…is a huge, brilliantly faceted diamond! I place the diamond carefully in my Solar Plexis and in an instant, its Light begins to transform my body! The darkness and sludge begins to dissolve - the fear, the anger, the sadness, the resentments, the deep sorrow and childhood loneliness within melt away. Rivers of tears flow from my eyes now, but this time they’re tears of gratitude not grief. The swamp itself now begins to transform, trees coming alive, stagnant waters clearing, birds and butterflies fly through the air, and sweet-smelling flowers burst though the earth…..all is transformed, all is new.

With an overflowing heart, I thank the ‘Me who is not deserving’ for this incredible gift of freedom and Diamond Light. I assure him that the Rose Quartz heart will always be his to keep, and that as long as he has it with him, he will always have Love. I ask him then if there’s a new home he’d like to live in, somewhere he’d feel safe…I tell him he doesn’t have to live in the swamp any more. Once more the response is immediate and clear….The Pyramid Mountain, that’s where he wants to be.

I returned to the mountain the following day, this time to bring the ‘Me who is not deserving’ and his Rose Quartz Heart, to their new home. Once more I made preparation at home with cleansing and ceremony, bathing and polishing the beautiful Rose Heart in preparation for the journey. Once more I assembled offerings for the nature devas of the mountain….corn, nuts and chocolate, along with incense and oils, and a few special crystals for the task at hand.

The ceremony on the mountain this time was a celebration - fulfillment of a promise – a contract with this part of me that had been neglected. 

Before doing the ceremony, I returned to the places I’d discovered on my last visit, but also explored some new spots, in my search for the perfect home and resting place for the Rose Heart and it’s keeper. I had to be sure this new home was safe and secure – a place that no-one else could possibly find or uncover. 

Hidden from all human eye, the Rose Quartz heart and its new caretaker, rest deep within this Sacred Mountain, watched over by the Rock Guardians and the nature devas. Now, each morning as I gaze upon The Pyramid, I send my love to them in their secret place, knowing they’re protected and exactly where they want to be.

Some people reading this story may well question my sanity, thinking all this sounds a bit ‘Looney Tunes’! I trust that for others however, this story may provide a key to a locked door within their heart, and help them shine a searchlight into to their rich and revealing inner worlds…… I think many more people are beginning to come to an understanding, that the physical dimension is but one of many dimensions, if not parallel universes, in which we actually operate. With the volumes upon volumes of pop psychology and the plethora of current TV shows exploring the human body and mind, as well as our place within the universe and the vast cosmos, a lot more people are now aware of the complexity of our existence here on Planet Earth. 

This shamanic, spiritual journey was as real as any ‘3D real life’ physical drama. Soul retrieval, soul recognition, soul healing, inner child healing - whatever you may like to call it - is a critical part of our becoming whole. Acknowledging those parts of ourselves that have been neglected, unheard or forgotten, calling them back to us with Love, and reintegrating them….this is a most essential part of our healing process. Without it, how can we hope to become fully whole, open and ready to fulfill our potential, or accept the abundance we all crave in our lives.

We are a species in the process of transformation, evolution. Many, myself included, hope this transformation which result in a new way of living and a new way of being. I am full of gratitude therefore, that one of my first experiences in the momentous year of 2012, brought me to a place of healing, recognition and reunion with a deeply wounded aspect of myself.


  1. Thank you Lia for sharing your amazing journey, I love Cairns and the beautiful nurturing energy of "The Mother". We have stayed at Crystal Cascades Caravan Park and it is like being embraced in her arms and heart. - you have given me such a gift of understanding of what I feel when I am there. This message has given me a clear sign of what I am to do. Bless you dearest Soul Sister.

    1. Hi Miranda! I am so touched that my story brought back memories of Cairns for you and that it seems t have provided the confirmation you need in your life at the moment. Isn't it wonderful how the Universe provides us with the support we need! May 2012 shower you with Love and Blessings...Liaxx

  2. Hi there! I love your blog! Here's a link to a picture of the rock people near here. Pigeon Mountain in Lafayette, GA.

    I looove your pictures!!! :)

    Plus, I think you may really like this person's theory on the strange sounds being heard around the world...

  3. Hi Rebekah!Wow - what an amazing picture of the Rock People in Lafayette - magnificent!

    The sound video was intriquing too. Very much like the whalesong I have as part of the backing track of my CD 'Starsong'. Extremely interesting too that the sounds were recorded in the N Hemisphere Canis Major was prominent.The Whales and Dolphins are of course, linked to Sirius!

    Thanks so much for sharing Rebekah!

    Love and Blessings,