Sunday, November 6, 2011

WORDS OF WISDOM - Attuning yourself to the highest possible reality - A Message from the rare Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR

The key to mastering the energies in the times to come is to raise your frequency so you can maintain wellbeing, receive higher guidance, and attain higher and higher levels of consciousness. The more light you experience, the lighter and more enlightened you will become – this is the process of ascension, and this is the key to rising above fear.

There are parallel realities that exist simultaneously, just like there are many radio stations that are currently broadcasting all kinds of music and information right now. When you tune the radio to a certain frequency, you connect with certain music or information – if you like the vibration, you keep it on that station, and if you don’t like what you hear, then you tune the dial to a different station.

The same is true in quantum reality – you must attune yourself to the frequency of the reality you wish to experience. If you are dialed into fear, then you will experience what you fear. However, if you attune yourself to the highest frequencies of peace, joy and light, then that is what you will experience no matter what is going on around you.

Crystal skulls have come at this time to help raise the frequencies on Earth, and to help raise the consciousness of humanity individually and collectively. When more crystal skulls are gathered together, it increases the frequency of light and consciousness exponentially – this is why many people feel drawn to have more than one crystal skull, and this is also the purpose of crystal skull gatherings.

When crystal skulls come together, we commune in Light – we transfer light and energy between each other, and as we do, the light creates a grid that intensifies over time and space. Once this light grid is established, it cannot be broken.

Crystal skull gatherings bring people together from all over this world – when the crystal skulls and their caretakers return home, they extend this Lightgrid around the planet. This serves to energize and stabilize the Earth as she undergoes her rebirth into the Lightness of Being.

These crystal skull gatherings are vital for this planet and for humanity in order to raise the vibration and consciousness of one and all for Ascension. This is the true purpose of the crystal skulls, and why we have re-emerged at this pivotal time on Earth. Thank you for allowing us to serve and assist you now and in the times to come. Thank you for bringing crystal skulls together and for gathering together as one mind, one heart, one consciousness, for you are the One.


  1. My sweet and wonderful friend, I am deeply touched by your experiences and photos. It's challenging for me to even be present enough to write this comment. My heart is charged and uplifted by the energies that you brought forth. The photos and your words are as powerful as your song and I am forever touched and blessed by your work. Much love, Claudia

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  3. I'm not sure how interested you are in what I am about to suggest or even if it has a home here. However, I needed to put my theory out there amongst spiritualists not academics so maybe some dialogue would begin.

    There are those that believe the ancient crystal skulls were fashioned by some alien race. That of course cannot be proven. Or can it? The basic function of the skulls has been as you have presented---for healing and the raising of consciousness by a certain wave frequency which influences brain waves. The crystals could be tuned to transmit a certain frequency by those at a higher state of consciousness by chanting or simply by making a psychic connection with the skulls which would be transmittable to others.

    I had something of a bizarre spiritual accident during Vipanassa mediation two years ago. In my pursuit for answers as to what occurred and why my research lead me down a windy road through quantum theories, ferromagnetism, electrodynamics, Hindi/Taoist/Buddhist traditions, spherical harmonics, biomechanics and liquid crystal technology. Yeah, my head was thumping after a very short while. I had made a psychic connection with someone I should not have made one with. He was not compassionate, loving, conscientious, or even a clear minded person. He was delusional, hateful, and insidious. Really. He was. I was sent into spiritual and mental chaos. I went to healers to confirm this situation. They did without me explaining why I had come to them.
    I won't say more about this, however I investigated how that was done.

    The phenomenon of interference makes holography possible. A person’s perception of being, reality, consciousness, or life, is a holographic pattern. Interference is simply a pattern that is created when waves move through each other.

    Consider what happens when two pebbles are tossed in a pond. Each pebble will produce a set of concentric rings rippling outward from the point of impact. As the waves expand, they will at some point collide. The pattern that results is known as the interference pattern. The pattern that is recorded on a holographic plate looks like a bunch of chaotic swirls and rings. Only once a laser beam is used to illuminate the film, a three-dimensional image of the original object reappears. The lens of the ultimate reality focuses the most intense beam. That beam is shakti self-coupling in the gamma gamma state then self-annihilating into photons within the liquid crystal nature of a trained mind possibly caused by or causing surges of DMT. Heady stuff, but I'm thinking this might be the case. It's just a hypothesis.

    A recent article explains the mechanisms and implications in relation to the potential power the ancient crystal skulls or any crystals honed to a frequency of higher consciousness has by entanglement or a "psychic connection":



    So, what I am suggesting here are two possibilities. One is that a laser beam or a charged particle flow through the ancients skulls could create a field of entanglement amplifying their ability to heal or raise consciousness. (If you read the myth they are supposed to work together) or...or...As the alien theorists believe some alien information will be revealed to mankind by way of holography possibly only perceivable by those in higher states.

    Yeah, I'm going to stick my head in the freezer to cool it off.

    Embrace yourself and uncertainty. Love to all.