Monday, November 7, 2011


Over the past year, I’ve been exploring ways to expand and enhance the Sounds of Sirius experience for people. As our world faces perhaps the greatest shift in human history, we all need to raise our vibrational frequency. To assist with this frequency shift, I’ve been guided to combine the sacred music I’m the conduit for, with uplifting images of Light. Featuring the heart-and-soul opening artwork of a select group of visionary artists and film-makers, these powerful Sounds of Sirius audio-visual Activations have proven to be a truly potent tool for transformation and Awakening, as well as a beautiful enhancement to the meditative experience.

Please enjoy the very latest of these Activations – CITRINE

Beautifully produced by award-winning producer Suzanne Doucet of Only New Age Music this clip features the Citrine track from Crystal Keys, married with the exquisite images of British artist Brian Exton I hope and trust that the music and the images in CITRINE will lead you into a deep space of inner peace and serenity, bringing you back in touch once more, with your soul’s true essence.

With great joy, I offer everyone free and unlimited access the full series of these unique audio-visual experiences. The SOUNDS OF SIRIUS ACTIVATIONS are my gift to you on your journey to Remembrance.....

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