Monday, November 7, 2011


Christmas is next month already, so I'd like to offer you a Christmas Teaser!

If you have purchased any of the Sounds of Sirius albums in the past, then you qualify to enter!

Our brand new upgraded Online Store has the facility for customers to write a review. All you need to do is sign into the store and leave your comment and star rating.

On December 1st, there will be a Lottery style draw to pick the winner.

The Prize…….it’s a good one!
Worth over $200.00 it contains,

3 Sounds of Sirius CDs of your choice
Mysterious Orbs – a book by Michelle Brennan
Pools of Light – Angel and Ascended Master, double divination deck
Mandala Manifestation Cards – by Star Languages

I really look forward to picking the winner on December 1st.

This could be a lovely Christmas surprise for yourself or several individual presents for friends and family.

Mysterious Orbs – a book by Michelle Brennan
Colour photographs, inspirational messages and verses.

As a medium, Michelle Brennan not only possesses the skills to see spirits, feel their presence and communicate with them, but possesses the ability to capture them in her photography. Her photographs are leading edge. Her work stepped up to the next level when the orbs commenced channelling through inspirational messages and verses. She presents this work to you with the utmost integrity and trusts you will find the contents educational and inspiring.

Pools of Light – Angel and Ascended Master, double divination deck
A unique and sacred Twin Oracle set that reveals illuminated reflections from the Ascended Masters and The Angels. These two exquisite decks of cards combine to give you deeper guidance.

The Ascended Masters and Angels are very compatible and they work together in Loving Harmony. Hence the twin decks. It is highly recommended to use both decks together, for more insight and clarity into any challenge. While the Ascended Masters reveal the inner workings of a particular situation and offer their support, the Angels bring a celestial clarity.

Mandala Manifestation Cards – by Star Languages
 SL Mandalas are patterned formations of cards, which may contain single or multiple sacred geometrical shapes.  The cards used, display both colours and symbols.  Colour is important, as each colour represents a particular cosmic ray.  

The symbols are equally important, as they represent particular qualities or concepts.  The Mandala Manifestation Cardset consists of 60 cards, each displaying a particular symbol/quality, as well as a particular colour.

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