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Two extraordinary and special new sacred tools have come to me recently. Or perhaps I should say, were ‘returned’ to me? Both these sacred objects came to me in a most unexpected way, while on my travels - there’s that unexpected thing again!! And both events demonstrated for me in the most potent way possible:-

• There is a Divine Plan at work in everything
• Although we may not we consciously aware of why we are drawn to be somewhere or do something, our ‘Higher Self’ knows exactly what’s going on – it’s the one driving the bus!
• Most magic happens when we step out of our planned schedule and respond to events spontaneously, in the moment.

The first of these sacred tools ‘found me’ in June when I was on my tour of Northern California. The second one came into my world exactly three months later.

Just five minutes ago as I set out to write this, I was hit with an electrically charged realization! In a ‘light bulb moment’ I was granted a further insight into the significance of these tools, and into their connection with each other. As I cast my memory back to try to recall the timing of these events, I realized that I took possession of the first one at the sacred site of Mt Shasta, on June 21st, the day of the Summer Solstice, and that the second one manifested on September 21st, the day of the Autumn Equinox, at another sacred site; Bury-St-Edmunds in the UK.
Oh my goodnesss…I KNOW this is no accident.


When I arrived in Sacramento last June, 2011, I had a few days to acclimatize before doing my first ‘Crystal Keys Activation Ceremony in Cameron Park, so myself and my friend Jill decided to make a trip to San Francisco to spend the day with Sarah Mc Crosky of Human Spirit Radio. Sarah had interviewed me by telephone a couple of months earlier, and I was really looking forward to meeting her in person.

After our first joyous exchange on arrival, Sarah revealed that she had, as we had hoped, arranged a visit to Kirby Seid at his home and Crystal gallery nearby. I first met Kirby at the 10.10.10 World Mysteries Crystal Skull gathering in Arizona, and was thrilled to have this opportunity to catch up with him again. Apart from being a powerful shaman, crystal caretaker and creator of the The Light Labyrinth™ - a powerful new technology combining spectacular crystals with exquisite computerized light programs, Kirby also became caretaker of the ancient crystal skull ShaNaRa, after Nick Nocerino’s death. He still remains closely connected to the skull, working with and assisting Nick’s daughter Michelle, who is gradually taking over the custodianship of this powerful skull from him.

On meeting Kirby, the conversation not surprisingly, immediately turned to discussion of crystal skulls! I asked Kirby if he had any particular skulls he was working with himself at the moment. He said that yes there was one, which he had upstairs. As the four of us sat down in a circle, Jill, Sarah and I began to unpack our wares for Kirby. I had my three most personal Crystal skulls with me, which I placed in the centre of the circle at our feet, as we happily chatted away.

Kirby suddenly got up and left the room. I assumed he was going to fetch the crystal skull he had mentioned earlier but instead he came back with three long green-coloured crystals, which he told us were jade bones. As I handled and examined them, I felt drawn to one of them in particular, which I noticed had a distinct marking etched on it, much like the identifying mark an artist or sculpture would make on their artwork. On asking Kirby if the marking had any significance, he told me that it signified the item had belonged to a shaman.

With that, Kirby left the room again, coming back this time with a pair of much larger, brownish-coloured bones, shaped like a human femur bone that had been split right down the middle. Turning the bones over to show us the inside surfaces, he pointed out the carved stick figure like pictographs etched on them. There were three separate images on each bone.

Intrigued, I reached out both hands to receive the bones from Kirby, to have closer look. As soon as they touched my hands, the activation took place! My channel opened with incredible power and we were all instantly drawn into the unfoldment of a spontaneous ceremony. Somehow, I knew exactly what to do with these crystal tools…. It felt to me as if they had belonged to me in previous times. For the next few hours they remained glued to my palms, becoming hot with the energy they generated themselves, as well as the body energy they absorbed from me.

It became pretty clear to myself and the others present that these sacred objects were calling to me! Kirby, the crystal skull specialist, had not shown us one crystal skull – he’d known exactly what he was supposed to bring out that day!

I was curious of course, to know as much as possible about these artifacts, and quizzed Kirby about their provenance. It turned out that they’d come to him less than two weeks before, from a lady anthropologist he’d met at a crystal skull event. The bones, she told him, were thought to be approximately 5000 years old. They’d been found by a friend of hers who lives in China, who informed her they’d been found on an archeological dig on the border between Tibet and China. The lady told Kirby, she felt that the bones were not supposed to remain with her. She entrusted Kirby the bones that day, believing that if anyone could find the rightful caretaker, it would be him.

I asked Kirby if he knew what the metaphysical significance of ‘bones’ might be….why would someone carve jade in the shape of a bone? He told me that bones were used in Ancestor worship - that they were seen as the conduit for ancestral energies. In a sense they are Ancestral Akashic records. And he told me to think about the fundamental nature of human or animal bones….Bones equal structure and foundation….they hold coded information within the body. Stones and crystals, Kirby said, are the bones of the earth and serve a similar function. These Jade bones then, held a symbolism both literal and metaphysical.

I left Kirby’s house that day not knowing for sure, if the bones were meant to be mine or not. Kirby had agreed to speak to the owner to see if he could negotiate the terms of transfer. Within 24 hours, an agreement had been made….the bones it seemed, were indeed to return to Australia with me!

When I spoke to their previous owner Marza on the phone the next day, she gave me some more wonderful information about these sacred tools. Marza herself is of Native American heritage, and in the year she’d had the bones in her possession, they had taken part in ceremonies in many sacred places, including ceremonies with the Hopi Indians, as well as ceremonies with Dom Umberto and the Q’ero Indians - direct descendants of the ancient Inca priests.

She told me the bones were believed to be of the Neolithic period of about 5000 years ago. Found in the Hung Shung region of China, they were thought to be in the tradition of ‘Oracle Bones’. The figures etched upon them are an ancient form of writing, of the same nature as the most ancient recorded writing ‘Jingre’. Jingre was a precursor to the oracle writing later found oxen scapula bones and turtle shells. It later turned into another form of writing, which is now dated at about 3,500 years old. These Jade bones however, anthropologists believe come from a time well before that. Marza told me that there’s nothing really written about these ancient bones, except in the museum notes of the findings of the anthropological research.

She told me the bones would have belonged to a shaman who used them for both divination and healing purposes. One of the reasons they’d been carved in two pieces was that each piece would have been placed on either side of for example, a broken leg or arm. Neolithic Jade is very heavy and very hard to carve - almost like a black jade which has lots of basalt. The bones feel and sound metallic and give a metal clinck when tapped together. Marza said that jade bones are very difficult to find, unless you are attuned to their energy.

The Jade Bones finally came into my hands in Mt Shasta on the day of the Summer Solstice. The precious package was delivered by Sarah who had decided to travel to Mt Shasta to attend my Solstice Crystal Activation ceremony. Placed in my hands just hours before the ceremony, the bones sat on the crystal skull altar that night, their work with me beginning right away! Their work continued the following day with another group initiation, when a Divinely planned, spontaneous gathering of skull caretakers took place. Brought together ‘by chance’ at the beautiful Sacred Seed crystal shop in Mt. Shatsta, in a spontaneous and profoundly moving ceremony, the Bones and the crystal skulls, worked their magic together.

It was the owner of Sacred Seed, Miguel, who first drew my attention to something about the figures etched on the Bones, that I immediately recognized to be ‘true’. "I think these figures are demonstrating some sort of system of movement…”,  he said.

This idea resonated with me because, when I’m channeling the Sounds of Sirius – especially when I’m doing my own private daily practice each morning – I allow my body to move in whatever way the energy flow dictates. This results in a natural, flowing movements like Tai Chi or Chi Quong, and sometimes my body moves into recognizable sacred dance postures. As I looked again at the positions of the carved figures on the bones, I recognized them as representations of the sort of positions I often find myself in, while I’m channelling.

Movement, like sound, can help bring us into alignment and balance, as we let the Life Force flow through us. Perhaps whoever carved these jade bones was consciously encoding very specific symbols on there, which represented a tried and tested system of movement?

There is so much for me to discover about these remarkable, ancient tools….I know I have not even begun to scratch the surface yet.


On September 20th, having said an emotional farewell to my father and family in Ireland, I arrived in the UK to be met by another sister – the other emigrant of the family! We had already planned to treat ourselves to ‘catch-up’ dinner and a night in a hotel alone, before returning to her home and family the next day. With her two young sons at school, we could afford to take our time driving to Suffolk the following day. Ciara gave me some options of where we might visit en route. I liked the sound of Bury-St-Edmunds, which she described as a lovely old English town with some good shopping, as well as having an old Abbey and gardens.

It was a beautiful sunny day and it was a joy to have some unhurried time together to engage in a bit of ‘retail therapy’, especially given the fact that the only shop I’d been into in Ireland was the supermarket!! As the day wore on, I suddenly turned to Ciara and said, “I don’t suppose there are there any crystal shops or New Age shops here?” “There is one actually”, she said, “and it’s not far from the Abbey Gardens.”

As we walked through the door of ‘The Crystal Merchant’, my eyes instantly fell on an incredible crystal Dorje. I’d never seen anything like it – it was huge! Dorjes are usually made from metal and the crystal ones I have seen are usually quite small, because of the amount of crystal needed to carve such an intricate design. The next thing my eyes fell on was a very unusual crystal skull. I instantly knew it had to have been carved by the renowned skull carver, Leandro de Souza, the carver of one of my own most precious skulls. I fell into immediate conversation about these two very special objects, with the owner of the shop, Cosmo Verner. We were ‘off and running’ so Ciara left us to it, saying she’d pick me up later!

As Cosmo and I chatted, I kept returning again and again to pick up the Dorje. It felt so familiar and comfortable in my hands. Cosmo told me he’d bought the Dorje in India, five years previously. However, the crystal wand maker he’d purchased it from told him that it had originally come from Tibet. Which of course, made absolute sense. The dorje and bell are the primary Ritual Tools of Tibetan Buddhism, used in almost all ritual, ceremony and chanting. Always kept together, they represent many layers of intricate symbolism and meaning. The dorje is a quintessential symbol of enlightenment. In Sanskrit, the word vajra translates as ‘diamond’ or ‘adamantine’. It can also mean ‘thunderbolt’.

As the archetypal male principle the dorje it is the quintessential symbol of the ‘diamond mind of enlightenment’ so hard that it is able to cut through all illusions and deceits and arrive at the clear light of truth in its two forms. These two forms of truth are symbolised by the two pronged dorje and are relative truth - needed for daily living ie. science, practical knowledge etc., and absolute truth which reveals the inner nature of the universe. The central hub from which the prongs arrive represents the sphere of actual reality. From this sphere arise two eight petalled lotuses crowned by two full moon ‘discs’ from which emerge the five upper and lower prongs. These five represent the Five Buddha families, the five elements, and the five skandhas [form- feeling - perception - motivation and consciousness- which the outer four are curved into and merge with at the tip.] As such the dorje is the great alchemical symbol and represents the creation of the ‘philosophers stone’. In Tibetan, dorje means the indestructible stone. The dorje is considered the ultimate spiritual weapon in that it is used to banish the forces of darkness, ignorance and disharmony with its power of lightning and clear truth. It is held in the right hand and twirled according to the pattern of the particular ritual, where it also represents ’skillful method’.

Cosmo asked me if I’d been down to see the Old Abbey and when I replied in the negative he said, ‘You must go there before you leave. The Michel and Mary Leylines meet in the centre of the Abbey!” It turns out that Bury-St-Edmunds is a sacred site of the same ilk as Glastonbury! Cosmos’s shop itself is situated right in between the two Leylines – something he had consciously planned when he decided to open a crystal shop. Having been to Glastonbury many times, he feels that the energies of Bury-St-Edmunds are much more soft and gentle.

When it became evident that the Dorje needed my undivided attention, Cosmos suggested I sit with it for a while in his healing room, attached to the shop. I already knew in my bones, that this was a very, very special tool but part of me was saying… “No – do not be ridiculous! You can’t afford this and anyway…. do you really need it!” I emerged from the healing room in a state of turmoil - excited and yet desperately trying to rein myself in! I felt that I needed more time alone, to truly decipher if this magnificent crystal piece was really calling me to be it’s caretaker, or if it was just my ego self - the magpie part of me that just loves beautiful things - that was driving my excitement! I bid farewell to Cosmo and told him I might, or might not, see him later!

I headed off in search of the Old Abbey. On entering the site of the magnificent old ruins in the sun, I marvelled at the sophistication and architectural ingenuity of the ancestors.

It became clear that this wasn’t just a place of spiritual significance - historically it also really packs a punch! A plaque on one of the Abbey walls stated that on St Edmund’s altar, Cardinal Langton and several Barons had sworn that they would obtain from King John, the ratification of the Magna Carta.

As I wandered through the ruins, I noticed, with a sort of shock of recognition, that there were big lumps of crystal strewn all over the ground! When I took a closer look at the surroundings, I realized that not only had the Abbey been placed smack bang on top of two powerful grid lines but all the buildings had been constructed from crystal geodes! It would literally have been a ‘Lightening’ rod of crystal energy! I get the feeling the original builders knew just a little bit, about harnessing crystal energy and earth energies in general!

I found my way eventually, to the sunken section of the ruins where I’d been told the Michael and Mary Leylines actually met. I lay down on the inviting soft green grass in the gentle sunshine, right there on the juncture of the leylines, and called on my Angels and Guides to give me some clarity about how to proceed.

By the time I got up from the ground, my decision was made. One of the strongest images I had received was of myself standing in front of a large group of people singing, holding the Dorje with both hands in front of my solar plexus. As the Sounds of Sirius came through me, I saw the Dorje ignite with a burst of White Light energy, which shot out towards the people present as well as the wider world beyond, like bright piercing laser beams. As I write this, I now realise that what I had seen in that vision, was the Dorje embodying its ‘Thunderbolt’ essence of delivering ‘en-Lightenment’.

With a growing excitement in my heart, I made my way out through the Abbey ruins to head back to Cosmo’s shop. On the way, I was gifted with what I felt was a sign of further confirmation that my decision was the right one….

In the Chapter House section of the Old Abbey, where several of the Abbots were buried, I found the grave of one of my husband’s ancestors, Edmundus de Walpole, who had been Abbot of the Abbey from 1243 to 1256. The Walpole lineage is a proud and strong one, which includes the first Prime Minister of England Sir Robert Walpole, as well as the writer Horace Walpole. However, I knew my husband would be very surprised to find that the Walpoles had been making their mark, much farther back in history!

Back at The Crystal Merchant, as Cosmo wrapped up the Dorje, he shared with me that this special crystal had been part of Solstice, full moon and Equinox ceremonies at many sacred sites throughout the UK - Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Avebury to name a few. And ‘of course’, he said, ‘there will be people down in the Old Abbey tonight to celebrate the Equinox”.

There is was… hit me like a ‘thunderbolt’…..I’d been so wrapped up in family concerns and the 3D practical world, that I wasn’t even aware that that particular day was September 21st and the Autumn Equinox!! My Higher Self however, was evidently well and truly on the job, making sure I got to that sacred site on that day and that I’d find my way to Cosmo’s shop!

Before I left England, I took the Dorje to the beach in Suffolk, to bathe it in English waters and farewell those shores before departing for its new home in the Southern Hemisphere. Interestingly, my little nephew Oscar who was with me took part in the ritual with great enthusiasm.

Intuitively, he drew a mandala around it in the sand…

A week or so after arriving back in Australia, I took the Dorje to the beach in beautiful Port Douglas to formally welcome it to these shores. Bathing it in the Tropical coral seas of the Pacific Ocean, I consciously sent the energies back out through the waters, to connect back to Glastonbury and the Tor, Stonehege and Avebury, and asked that a crystalline energy grid of connection be formed in that moment, between the Southern and Northern Hemispheres.

I then drew a mandala around it on the golden sand, to echo the one Oscar had drawn on the English beach.

Two sacred objects….. two sacred places…..on two significantly energy-filled days……I wonder what new journeys these new tools will lead me to in the future?

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