Saturday, November 10, 2012


Over the last 18 months, a number of unique Tibetan artifacts have come into my life, including a pair of 5000 year-old jade bones and a huge Crystal Dorje. On my recent trip to the US, at the beginning and end of my trip from two separate sources, I came across some magnificent Tibetan/Nepalese pendants, beads and other pieces, which I found impossible to resist! I am intrigued by the call of the region in my life and wonder where it is leading me!

I had these beautiful pieces adapted by my friend Lindy Sullivan, an exceptionally talented jeweller who lives here in Cairns, who also designed all the other stunning pieces in the Sounds of Sirius Crystal Jewellery Collection. We have designed all the necklaces as stand-alone pieces, which also look stunning on their own if you slip the pendant off.

This beautiful and unique range of richly coloured Tibetan jewellery makes a fabulous addition to the Sounds of Sirius Jewellery Collection. Many of these pieces carry the archetypal symbolism of Tibetan Buddhism, which has eight main symbols and motifs. In Tibet and Nepal, these symbols can be seen carved and painted in many places. They have their origins in Buddhist teachings that spread to Tibet from India via Buddha's disciples and monks. These symbols represent the main pillars of Buddhist philosophy. The monks of Tibet liked to surround themselves with carving and paintings of the Buddhist beliefs and representations of teachings of the Buddha.

So, as well as being exquisitely beautiful to look at, these jewellery pieces carry an energy that represents harmony, truth, spiritual growth, peace and abundance.

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