Saturday, November 10, 2012


‘Collective Cosmic Consciousness of the Crystal Skulls’
By Liz Hamilton

A new crystal skull book as just been released by Liz Hamilton, a most dedicated fellow skull caretaker, and friend. Liz works as a healer and teacher at her Alasenmat crystal sound healing centre in the Blue Mountains here in Australia. I haven’t finished reading the book yet but what I have read, I absolutely love! This is a book is written from the heart, with honesty and humility. I think it will give you a great insight into the amazing crystal forms, which are the Crystal Skulls. Here is part of the description from the back cover of the book….

‘Liz came to recognise the profound significance of crystals that are carved into the sacred form of the human skull. These crystal skulls can assist us in shifting our consciousness and accelerating our spiritual perception.

Crystal skulls are only accessed through love, and help us develop a new capacity for ‘heart seeing’. These powerful skulls can initiate us into the mysteries of existence and foster a reconnection to our higher selves so that we can remember who we are, as citizens of the universe. In this book Liz describes her metaphysical journey of many amazing experiences with crystal skulls, while meeting a collective cosmic consciousness. She tells of how a wonderful new healing modality arose in her life, which she named ‘Cosmic Radiance’.

I hope to have copies of the book available for those who attend the 12.12.12 gathering.  For others, you can purchase ‘Collective Cosmic Consciousness of the Crystal Skulls’ direct from Liz by emailing:-

Email: to order

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