Saturday, November 10, 2012


As I sit down to write to you, it is Wednesday the 7th November – one week exactly to the Total Solar Eclipse, which tracks precisely over the Cairns region where I live. At 5.45am the Moon will begin its journey of crossing in front of the Sun, until at 6.38am at its totality, it will completely obliterate the Sun’s light.

The dramatic physical manifestation of this event, carries within it deep symbolism for the earth and all of humanity. As the light of the Sun - the celestial body that gives life to everything on this planet Earth we live on - is extinguished by the moon, we are reminded that we are indeed on the ‘brink’. We are at the end of a major cosmic cycle and on the threshold of a new one. The November 14th Total Eclipse brings us one step closer to the December 21st Solstice, a time believed by many cultures to be the end of several major cycles, including a 26.000 year cycle. This Eclipse invites us is to go inward - to reflect on what has been and what may be about to be. This is the perfect time – indeed a critical time - for us to review, release, and reset our body mind and spirit, in preparation for the ‘New Age’ that is dawning.

Global Elders Gathering – Yarrabah, Cairns

Throughout the globe on this morning of the Solar Eclipse, people will gather together with the intent of welcoming in the New Earth. Right here in Cairns on the Traditional Aboriginal land of Yarrabah, a very important Global Elder’s Gathering will take place, from November 10th -15th. The Elders and organizers of this event have sent out an urgent call asking people to join with them in spirit, for a Global Meditation at the time of the Eclipse. There is great strength in the collective consciousness. I urge you to add the power of your intent in this moment, for the healing of our planet and all humanity.


"We call on you now during the last week leading us into the Global Elders Gathering for support, assistance, participation and co dreaming in your heart. We come to you at this time with a unique opportunity to share how meaningful and purposeful this Sacred Elder Gathering will be. This Gathering was foretold by the Ancestors and it is destined to bring down back to the Earth the Sacred Fire from the Sun, a renewal of the Sacred Light Energies, to activate the Land, spread across the Nation and ignite the Earth's Fire. An Ancient Story kept safe and Sacred for thousands and thousands of year to be brought to completion now, for the whole of the Earth and all its People. We thank you so much for spreading this Message Stick and igniting the flames to become ready to partake in a Global Activation meditation.

We have been asked to share with you in detail the start of the dreaming of the Ancestors for this time, as we now arrive in at the last Total Solar Eclipse of 2012. We are also calling on you to support the Elders beyond participation in the coming Global Meditation. We thank you for recognizing the significance that this Gathering holds for our Global Awakening process. Together we stand."

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  1. Thank you Lia, I will certainly share in this adding my love for Gaia and support. <3