Saturday, November 10, 2012


Along with the Guidance to do an event with SOLAR on the 12.12.12, I received another very powerful message in the last 10 days. I was ‘told’ to get back into the recording studio on December 21st  - the 21.12.12  - to bring through a new Sounds of Sirius album.

The wheels are now already in motion to make that a reality. The recording studio is booked and the main musicians confirmed, so all is falling into place.  

The main recording will take place on December 21, 22 and 23  - the period spanning the Galactic alignment across all time zones.   I feel the music received by me on those days, will carry the energy of the New Age, the New Earth, The Dawning of the much hoped for Golden Age. This Planetary Alignment certainly brings completion – it sees the end of many major cosmic cycles. It also by the same token, heralds a new beginning. It is for this reason that the working title of this new album is 'Songs of the New Earth'

I humbly ask for your energetic support of this project. Please connect with myself and SOLAR and my wonderful fellow musicians during that time….Send us your loving thoughts and energy, to help us become the most clear and perfect conduits we can possibly be, to receive the Divine Frequencies made available at that time.

I will write to you again soon about a very special proposition I have in mind in relation to this new creation. Watch this space as they say!!

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