Saturday, November 10, 2012


There will be further reason to celebrate on this evening of the 12.12.12 gathering! My friend, the artist Clive Walters, has had a long term plan to launch his new book ‘Rebirth’ on that significant day. His first exquisite book of artwork and accompanying messages of wisdom called ‘Relic’, was birthed on the 10.10.10.

Clive is a cosmic mandala artist and writer of profound talent. His work allows us to open ancient, forgotten chapters of our minds. His exquisite mandalas are mysterious, symbolic, visually inspiring and thought provoking. Clive's work is dedicated to "the One Love that allows us to connect with the sacred place that lies within our own hearts. Our hearts understand what we need to know now, here on Mother Earth."

Clive Walters opening his new Gallery near Yunguburra – Oct 2012.

Clive has met The Master Skull ‘SOLAR’ and feels deeply connected to him. I thought how fitting and special it would be if Clive’s new book were to receive its official birthing in Solar’s presence…Clive agreed! Those who attend the 12.12.12 event will therefore have the added pleasure of meeting and speaking with Clive, who will adorn our sacred space with some of his magnificent artworks. These are Activation pieces full of sacred geometric forms, and layered with meaning. Many people have found themselves activated simply by looking at them.

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